Comvita UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey 250g

Comvita UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey 250g

Brand: Comvita
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1-2 teaspoons half an hour before ingesting food


Comvita UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey is produced in New Zealand and contains unique plant phenols. 

Comvita UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey is guaranteed to be at least UMF® 15+ and has been verified by an independent testing laboratory. New Zealand Manuka has long been valued for its health-maintaining effects and active Manuka Honey is gaining worldwide recognition for its unique properties. Comvita is the world’s largest manufacturer of premium quality UMF® Manuka Honey. Only some Manuka Honey has a special UMF® activity. UMF® stands for ‘Unique Manuka Factor, a measure of the unique type of antibacterial activity which is naturally present at varying levels in honey made from the nectar of the Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium), native to New Zealand. The mark UMF® is followed by a number that indicates the strength of the UMF® activity in a batch of UMF® Manuka Honey. The higher the UMF® rating, the more potent the product. For example, a jar of UMF® 20+ Manuka Honey has twice the antibacterial activity of UMF® 10+ Manuka Honey

*Recent articles regarding claims against the quality of Manuka Honey have been noted by Comvita. Comvita has guaranteed that all its claims regarding the UMF quality of its honey can be substantiated. For more information please feel free to contact Comvita Here 


  • For the relief of more pronounced or persistent digestive disorders


100% Pure New Zealand UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey
Known allergy to honey